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tv   [untitled]    November 24, 2013 7:30am-8:01am EST

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twenty mins. and record highs for big coins it's value so again this week is us will make his new constrain the currency by bringing in regulation. next week the week's next is the week to have business keep business developments in venture capital that's just one thing. there is now an all new form of humanitarian aid for the twenty first century created by members of the occupy movement this is nothing to do with hunger or homelessness what a different key problem in the so-called first world debt the rolling jubilee project has already bought around fifteen million dollars in personal debt for americans around the country most of the financial obligations that they bought were for medical bills and now the people who had to pay these bills are free from their burdens the group claims that the secondary debt market is very cheap and
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that they are able to buy the nearly fifteen million dollars in debt for only four hundred thousand dollars the secondary market exists because banks try to sell consistently unpaid debt to third parties for less than nickel on the dollar right now i would be begging the rolling jubilee project to get rid of my college loans but alas this is always purchased anonymously so it's all pure luck who gets their debt purchased the important thing about this project is that they're actually doing something against an evil system instead of just blogging about it and although fifteen million dollars is a time a need to drop in the bucket it may have really saved the financial lives of many americans but that's just my opinion. back in the day barack obama was elected because he was deemed to be the very end to this is of george w. bush now instead of seeing differences between the two presidents we were reminded about. what banks have in common particularly like you came up first on this
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program we will bomb a serbian issues he wants to. cut out there is the most important thing this week the budget cuts the going. to be the reality they also got the banks to get back on the. air because the sound is making its way to the south they are hoping to come j.p. morgan i. think. but going to reached an all time high this week of a nine hundred dollars now that is paid if you have invested one thousand dollars a year ago and cashed in on that day you would have made over seventy six thousand
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dollars and the reason behind the huge gains were largely put down to us lawmakers hearing that virtual cars is all a legitimate financial saw those don't especially showing in congress with the same benefits and risk as all the online payment systems another reason behind big clients later is gains as it's growing popularity in china now about a third of the world's big coin transactions now flow through the china exchange bt say so are now joined by paul really who's the head of the exchange ok bobby what i want to know is why is the big question so popular inside our record has been quite popular in china over the past few months due to come in you should know of more weirdness in china because of its admission of super rich people to do seed for the rainy day and because we want to you know when they see the heart where they are when they see their order and income they want to put the money to good use it should be you to buy real estate you buy gold to buy stocks. deposits in the bank
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and so be quite has come up as another yet another way for them to to invest their money why is the big so volatile because this way we've seen outrageous fall it selects a spin or that's right the reason small towns because of supply demand in essence because the quote is limited to twenty one million it turns out there's only about twelve million because it's available today or daily volume has spiked to about eighty thousand two hundred eleven hundred ten thousand because it's a day so as prices go up and up and up there are just not that many people or people who want to sell because have already sold it because it's at lower prices so the next buyer who is eager to buy the coin at whatever price it is then has to buy at a very high price so you see a sharp jump in the price so what happens over time as there is more liquidity in the market that would sort of calm down a little bit in the price will be more normal but they want to regulate the full
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there could it potentially till the. i know i know a lot of people out there are afraid of regulation but i take a different perspective all the rules and regulations related to currency do what i do because because because it is not a currency so this is sort of cash for me to wear and to because it is recognized it cannot be regulated yet people are free to be regulated so my cake is our business for my puppy we want the court to be regulated in china we want china to take an active role in order to indorse and. promote a point in the space that would do you nation the sector so really that talking to us from shanghai speaking bt see china had just that we really appreciate your thoughts and we're now joined by about him exeunt t.v. c t i of the company that it invests into big coin doesn't is that right yes right we were the first company to make people and so our customers for the green investment to be buying i.k.
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so with that in mind what happened this week because that nine hundred mark what was going through your mind you must be in pretty excited as we were pretty calm about it because we knew that option is rising and that's why it was just one movement in the price and then it got back to the same levels really the reason that it did. so much is because of what was happening in the u.s. the u.s. regulation talks are you can you know what that killed a bit going to show you that's part of its attraction the fact that it is private yes i think one of the main drivers this week was the us talk about the. the guys on the internet they were really very optimistic because the government show that they're ready to get involved into this digital currency being and we know that a month ago germany accepted bitcoin as legal krondor yet it is raising taxes and use it as a change here so i think that government showed people that they are quite comfortable
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with it and they're looking for different ways too. come to regulation yeah and moving on so what is the future of the break when you think that it's just going to get bigger and better and more improved as about your cars i think i think yes i see the future that it will become one of the major accounts of the current system in the digital world when you first started investing into big point to think people think you are mad yeah actually they still do this today now even though it was up to the nine hundred s. but tried to play in that the technology is quite for bust sporting like fourth for years. you know more. has been proven by many millions of transactions over it so quite mature. and in terms of a portfolio how would you recommend going about it in terms of the because it is so volatile isn't it yes that's what i say it's all the investors not only beat corn
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but for classical stocks investors you should always diversify your portfolio but you know the best from the risk from the big risk is the first that's why you should take just portion of your money and if you believe in the knowledge invest into bitcoin for example great advice just that from flat call from exam to thank you for coming in today we really appreciate that. j.p. morgan chase will pay thirteen billion dollars for its part in the financial crisis of two thousand and eight the bank acknowledged serious misrepresentations to the public and investors about the real state of toxic mortgage loans leading up to the financial crash and it's not all over for j.p. morgan the criminal part of the investigation will continue as well as charges over dodgy hiring practices in china and the huge london while trading losses. ukrainian government has suspended preparations to entering the free trade zone now with
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politics involved as well as the economy playing its part two with the iranian energy minister commenting that the decision was based on the best economic interests of his country. now we've got a like for our staff scale correspondent in ukraine for us giving us a full report on the details as to what's going on let's say what are the main problem i meant that. well the main issue at the moment is that the government of ukraine decided to take a u. turn hundred eighty degree u. turn from what was said about two months ago by joining the european union for a free trade zone basically it's been a matter of choice for ukraine all along the choice between the free trade zone with the e.u. and the customs union with russia and the c.i.s. countries everyone thought that ukraine would be joining the free trade zone with the european union but now it said that it suspended all preparations for signing
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the association deal and is looking to restore a crippled and damaged trade ties with russia and the c.i.s. countries simply understanding that the iranian economy its ailing already and would not be ready for such a leap of faith would not be ready for aligning itself with the european union and the european union on its turn never promised any kind of compensation for the potential economic damages that ukraine might have suffered and what about ukraine now what the real is what's next on the table. for the quite obvious option for ukraine now is to. basically estimate how they can avoid all these economic damages that is why according to the first vice prime minister of ukraine's government is the boycott they're looking to create a three sided commission between russia the e.u. and ukraine to discuss potential. compensations of those damages and risks to the
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cranium economy and how these things could be avoided we understand at the moment that the e.u. have is hasn't promised any kind of compensation to ukraine the m.d.i. in the next seven years is. or to be expected at the level of round one really you agree your and brain is estimated to be losing more than three billion euros a year if it severs it straight dies with russia so this is basically the only option for ukraine or was dressed to me how did they avoid those losses because essentially we understand that do you still looking to sign the association deal in the future only with those there were just three great are going to be alexei thank you for the day to the right i really appreciate it go in size and have a cover to get warm today the south stream will begin broad channel to serbia and they do two point four billion dollars construction is now underway for the natural gas pipeline to run under the black sea to bulgaria and hungary before reaching out
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to western europe but there's a bit of a a spanner in the was because an official claims that the deal is in collision with the rules mr bush meat from the energy department said that is not in line with their role since they do not allow for the politics which in this case would be gas problem mr bush he went on to say that an exemption could be granted but it's not been requested. corporate news now then we're going to start with the aircraft second because boeing russia's largest titanium producer they've agreed to expand the joint venture the fathers will make plane parts in the euros region boeing plans to spend around twenty seven billion dollars on russian titanium over the next decade. gazprom increased gas supplies to europe by fifteen point five percent in the first nine months of twenty the day in germany turkey and is one of the biggest buyers of russian natural gas. production telecoms
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giant ross tell a call was his ex boss to return a giant payout teva saved when leaving the company the golden parachute just said. and millions of us pay to. pull out right. now i've been putting here looking for food to they say some of this i guess we're going to get i have to the business cess we're going to sell less misstep. it's going really well for you this week so it's been amazing in fact these balloons be symbolic of the rise in my portfolio as things are just going great in fact bitcoin you know if you remember i put twenty five percent of my portfolio into bitcoin it's up forty four percent on top of that gazprom is up one percent the remaining seventy five percent of my portfolio was in gazprom which means i made it nearly twelve hundred dollars this week putting me up like i've made money for the first time since this entire
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venture started my portfolio now at ten thousand dollars nine hundred ninety two was. fantastic good stuff so listen big going. all year. still going off are you going to stay with a how do you still have. to stick with that i've got the balloons to stick with it in fact i am going to stay twenty five percent in bitcoin because here's my theory because you know the holiday season is coming about in russia they do new year's and people are going to be buying gifts and what have you on line shopping this i figure because it's going to be a good way to stay i'm also going to stay fifty percent in gas problem this time because it's starting to get cold people are going to be using more energy i think it's a good time to stay in energy and then also. the potage wars i'm going to kind of go twenty five percent because i've got some idea that things are going to be stabilizing there which means prices are going to be better for the producers so
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i'm going to get involved in the potage wars twenty five percent so twenty five percent your colleague twenty five percent bitcoin to fifty percent gazprom is going to do for next week let's go. in the bail is on. the. indeed well done congratulations the lights off ok that's it for today's venture capital we've all got a bit fake coins not have a way i'll be watching the performance of us because the next week i'm going to be seeing how the ukraine gets on how the situation develops as well but if your risk is made up to some serious partying and celebrations today with that so the lights out take half. again if we take up your personal example of the government topping your phones and you know you see them later on to be yours lisa you know some governments cannot afford to do that not only you know against prominent journalism holds against them
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has a state i remember thinking at the time and i discovered all this that if they were tapping my phone for this ocean in consequential. nation in tapping into telephones. terrorists are simply a bad group of people located throughout the world no different than say a motorcycle gang or what have you that are involved in bad activities you're not going to solve that problem by invading countries overthrowing governments and occupying countries that's the solution. you're going to wind up with good police work and intelligence gathering that's how you'll defeat terrorism they are just simply little pockets of bad people throughout the world you have to deal with
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creating an empire or an occupying nations with your military is not the i'm sure. hello welcome back it's just going a quarter to five here in moscow you're watching our take now thousands of people are rallying on the streets of kiev ukraine's last minute decision to abandon and integration deal with the e.u. the move has also caused a rift between brussels and moscow which accuse each other of blackmailing ukraine artie's alexia chevys he has been following the protests. you great is back to protest both several rallies are now taking place across the great capital kiev this is one of them this is one of the rallies protesting against the government's decision this week. to suspend the trade agreement with the european union the government try to be very pragmatic here finding some very serious economic reasons
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not to take this leap of faith that not sign the trade agreement with the european union first and foremost is the state of the countries or scenery modernization would have cost hundreds of billions of euros the luxury which the country cannot afford at the moment so. obviously false facts resort to be close that people would have found themselves in the streets and we're talking tens of thousands of people here this would create serious serious social unrest in the country ukraine started to take this mosque take this break we do understand how to alleviate this loss it actually offered great a three sided commission with russia and the european union but at some point during this week number of european officials pointed the finger of blame to moscow saying that russia blackmailed ukraine out of signing this trade agreement with you here peter the allegation that claim which russia is known to be denies in the words of the russian president but. when i heard sendai just found out yesterday
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that ukraine has suspended not cancelled but suspended negotiations with the e.u. and wants to review everything we heard the threat from the e.u. to ukraine all the way up to organizing mass protests this is prussia and blackmails exactly nine years ago hundreds of thousands of ukraine's took to the streets of the capital kiev to chase their political life and indeed the political life was changed back that the country was settled here integration forswear than anything of the sort will happen during these protests or of course we'll have to wait and see. what else he has been gathering expert analysis on hand kiev could benefit from signing potential. right pax and here's what we heard. opening the ukrainian borders to the e.u. would be suicide because their export capacity is simply not up to european standards where is the europeans import would flood in and wiped out what remains of the ukrainian industry all the countries that have signed up to the new deal say
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economies have suffered badly e.u. is a sinking ship it's a titanic of twenty thirteen and no one in their right state of mind want to join a sinking ship or buy a ticket to join a sinking ship so the ukraine's future must lie i think with russia with belarus and kazakhstan in a customs union the e.u. has conceived this is so serious an agreement like all the other agreements that it tries to sign with the whole reason you're against states as a geo political project in the midst of all these accusations against russia it's actually the e.u. which sees its eastward expansion as it should let it all and indeed an ideological project i don't think ukraine has lost not particularly because there was no opportunity for ukraine in the e.u. deal to begin with it would've severely damaged their relationships with russia and of the e.u. has little heard offer on that so i don't think ukraine has lost anything. the
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right of freedom of assembly may be enshrined in america's constitution but under a new bill it could soon come with a price tag to be exact it would cost five thousand dollars to stage a rally at any oil drilling site and it doesn't end there another bill would exempt the government from regulating the fracking industry leaving that to more compliant local authorities the amendments courtesy of the oil lobby have yet to become law but have already passed the house of representatives in europe meanwhile bureaucrats are still not sure what to make of the fracking revolution on the one hand there is overwhelming public opposition and on the other backing from powerful interests but dr tony juniper one of britain's leading environmentalist tells us the real cost will be paid by future generations makes more money for some people in the short term and those people happen to have very powerful leverage over government institutions this is not about whether this is a better energy source or not in an economic sense it's basically
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a rigged market the environmental costs are not being paid for by the shale gas companies therefore we get a full solution as to this being a cheap energy source when in fact it's only cheap now because we're passing on the costs of it being used into the future for our children and grandchildren indeed we're already beginning to see some of the costs of this kind of energy being used in the in the present that hurricane that hit the philippines a couple of weeks ago is an example of the kind of extreme weather conditions that we can expect to accompany rapid warming of the atmosphere now we are used to getting our groceries scanned at the checkout but in britain it shoppers faces that are now getting checked danke the u.k.'s largest retailer tesco has set up cameras with facial recognition technology for pinpoint marketing interests to say it's not sitting well with privacy campaigners parties or smith takes a look. so you say it's thursday morning i walk into
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a shop it is all the usual stuff plus a special camera that scans my face it recognizes that i'm female and age between thirty and forty four i said is that information back to advertise who collates it's to establish a pattern of who goes into the shop from now on on thursday mornings customers will be bombarded with ads for shampoo and fashion magazine. if you think about something out of a futuristic movie think again it's what's happening now tesco the u.k.'s biggest supermarket chain is planning to introduce facial scanning technology in its petrol stations with a view to targeting advertising at the demographic that uses the shop most times of day even the c.e.o. of the company that makes the technology says it's like something out of minority report seemingly not realizing that comparing something to
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a film about the negative effects of having technology in media everywhere is a bad thing but tests to friends the practice saying it's not new technology and isn't capable of facial recognition we're always looking to work with partners who provide innovative ways to enhance the customer shopping experience the ability to tailor content based on time and location means it can be extremely useful and timely for all customers all in the name of advertising customers permission would be sought and privacy campaign is worried it could be the tip of the iceberg with technology improving all the time how long before you're being tracked identifies why you pay for your groceries. the value of the virtual currency bitcoin soared to new heights this week hissing the nine hundred dollar mark for a short time that's a huge jump from two years ago when one unit could barely buy you a coffee u.s. lawmakers are taking note holding two special hearings on capitol hill for terry
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and author jeffrey tucker says big corn is starting to make politicians jittery. governments always like to control money they like to control currency and frankly washington is starting to get a little panicked about becoming a year ago of the laughing stock and now people are starting to worry sense they they don't want anything that happens out of their control and that kind really just doesn't care actually it's a perfect currency and it is it is immune from an abuse by governments and regulators no one controls their crime it's purely a product of who can lobel international market of traders and users so in that sense because it is a revolutionary tool to free people from oppression from their nation states governments can try to control it better ultimately they cannot. they're stuck
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without c.f. the key developments of course i'm reaction to the nuclear deal with iran. if you've got nothing and you've got no opportunity. to start to construct your own currency. olympian bit gives don't want to meet gangsters you don't want to be drug dealers they don't want that blowing up the time that a kid came be we can see. you just needs a hundred dollars and i was in the hood and what a.k.o. somebody with thirty round clips. but i said. i don't want to die i just really do not want to die young young age.
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when the crisis leaves us traces everywhere. empty close rooms become the norm. children pay for the mistakes of adults. by working in a tobacco field or in a cafe. they are the ones who come back home last. so his games are just in their memories. you know this one thing that i still can't understand i said but i don't want to ruin your good mood but i have this one question what did he do this all for you that you had everything they respect authority that you give them all up in the senate. that would sure.
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it was a late send for him he tried to restrain himself but look it will burst out anyway . if it really puts me off that i have such a father. it was one small but very great secret that i have to live with it is worth. a damn if we take up your personal example of the government topping your followers and you know you see them later on to the years later you know some governments cannot afford to do that not only if i get some prominent journalism homes again some has a state i remember thinking at the time and i discovered all this that if they were
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tapping my phone for this ocean in consequential the nation demonstrating tapping isn't about telephones. terrorists are simply a bad groups of people located throughout the world no different than say a motorcycle gang or what have you that are involved in bad activities you're not going to solve that problem by invading countries overthrowing governments and occupying countries that's the solution. you're going to wind up with good police work and intelligence gathering that's how you'll defeat terrorism they are just simply little pockets of bad people throughout the world you have to deal with and creating an empire in iraq. military.
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breaking news from r.t. days of intense talks shrouded in secrecy resulting in a story deal ending a decade of diplomatic standoff over iran's nuclear program but divisions remain iranian. enrichment program will continue this first does not say that iran has a right to enrich but. mixed messages so what exactly did the sides agree on. in the war has started three in geneva and it's going to be go on for another six months experts warn that the deal's vague language could see all sides interpret the details to sink themselves. and in the news the week during flight three six three data recorder you.


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